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How It’s Played:

SudokuPDQ™ is a high-speed, multi-player version of Sudoku in which you compete against other players in a game of quick thinking & quick fingers.

Unlike traditional sudoku, in which you fill out in the entire grid, in SudokuPDQ™, a game consists of five rounds consisting of FIVE BRAND NEW PUZZLES.

The players must correctly fill in ONLY ONE cell correctly, then hit “DONE” to stop the clock.

The player has :20 seconds per round to correctly fill in a cell for that round. A bonus of 10 points is given for getting correct answers in all five rounds. An incorrect guess yields a score of 0 for the round.

SudokuPDQ™ like Sudoku, but with the fire of competition. And it’s like poker in that all players put their stake in a “pot” and the winners split up the pot. Have fun with SudokuPDQ! (And start practicing, because soon, you’ll be able to play it for REAL MONEY on the floors of casinos worldwide!).

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